I am a Business Analyst by profession and like to shoot Digital and film alike whenever I can manage my time out from daily routine.My passion for photography started in 2009 and since then I try to learn the history and techniques of photography.I read more then I shoot (laziness) and developed a GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) for Vintage Cameras.

DCU Graduation Pic

At present I posses 14 Vintage cameras along with iconic Nikon F2 & Olympus OM1n.Limited production Nikkormat FT3 is also in my collection. I do collect vintage manual focus lenses as well. I have several 50mm Prime lens and 20mm wide and 200mm zoom lens. I love to read photography related Blogs and Facebook groups. I am a member of Grasshopper Photographic community. My work can be seen in my Flickr link


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