My Gear List

I love to collect vintage film cameras and Lenses and started collecting them since 2013.Currently I own few of them and still in the process of collecting to satisfy my GAS (Google it !!! if you don’t know). My aim is to collect and use major legendary cameras as much of them as I gets my hands into.I know its not possible for me mainly for the Financial constraints but hey, its your dream that  driving you.I will be adding mainly my Vintage Film cameras here but also include my Digital gears as well as I go.

Nikon FM2n

I collected a heavily battered Nikon FM2n Camera from Dhaka stadium Market,Bangladesh in a very dirt price of 700BDT roughly equivalent of 6.5 Euro along with a fungus infested rather unusual Formula 5 28mm f2.8 manual focus lens.

Nikon FM2The Camera costs me 500BDT and the lens is 200BDT.I tested the lens on my Olympus EPL-1 MFT Camera with adapter and it produces decent image in broad day light.Effectively giving me 28*2=56mm Focal length due to crop factor.I will try it in my full frame 😉  35mm Nikon film camera as I go sometime giving me 28mm perspective.FM2When I got the camera it was heavily dusty and barely working.No light seal and mirror dampening which I didn’t expect though.Getting it home, I gave it a decent soap water bath followed by a drinking session of  rubbing alcohol in appropriate places.Later on after few weeks,I got my hands dirty with small screwdriver set I bought specially for it in mind.I started life saving surgery to bring back my FM2 in life on my dining table come Camera OT.It was badly needed as years or grime and dirt was deposited in the internal clockworks of the camera.Specially the Meter coupling mechanism of AI lens mount was not moving.Prior to my operation I downloaded the repairing manual from the Nikon site for better understanding of my patient’s anatomy.Now,After several successive operation the FM2 is fully operational and ready to take some food at last.As you can see the prism housing is crushed on the right side and I decided to scavenger a good one but now I think I’ll keep it that way as a sign of unique character it gives to it and the service it gave to its previous owner.The Honeycomb Titanium shutter is well used and still going strong.I am quite not sure the shutter accuracy as I yet to test it with film but I think its near accurate as I tested it against my other cameras.The leatherette is shrinked as it aged  and I have plan to replace it with real leather in future.

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